Donnerstag, den 8. Mai

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Die Aufgabe war etwas schicken , machen, schreiben für die Zeitschrift Cahiers du Cinema in Paris zum Jubileum der 700sten Ausgabe. Etwas das durch Werk und Leben geht, so auch von vielen anderen des Films geschrieben. Und das kam jetzt raus. Die Antworten in einem Sonderheft. Hier in französisch(im Heft) und deutsch und englisch als unsere Zugabe mit Bildern.

aus 1980 Paris Cahiers du Cinema

Sondernummer Syberberg
von ihm selbst gemacht

Madid 1993 Installation HJS 10 Jahre Monologe Edith Clever

Dear Hans-Jurgen Syberberg,

Next May, Cahiers du Cinéma will publish its 700th issue. To celebrate the event, we are soliciting contributions from filmmakers, performers, technicians, visual artists, philosophers, writers, musicians, etc. from all over the world.

For this exceptional issue, we have chosen a subject which we consider supremely important, one which reveals our most intimate relationship to cinema: emotion. Every one of us is haunted by a few images: one, two, or three images to last a lifetime. These images have moved us, they have stirred us in the depth of our bodies. They will not leave us. We possess them as much as we are possessed by them.

In contacting you today we are inviting you to tell and describe in its most physical sense an emotion that overtook you and the moment in a movie, whether a gesture, dramatic situation, or sequence of images, that sparked this emotion. We envision your answers as a way of sharing with our readers a secret, intimate experience, not necessarily your first movie memory, but rather a sudden realization that has echoed throughout your life, an image from which you have never recovered – the moment that was, to paraphrase Kafka, "the axe to break the frozen sea within you."

Your answer can take any form you wish: text, photo, drawing, image analysis, or, if you like, an interview. We must receive your answer by e-mail ( or regular mail by Monday, April 14.

We look forward to your response,


Stéphane Delorme
Editor in Chief
Cahiers du Cinéma
18-20, rue Claude Tillier
75012 Paris