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Am 14. In der Universität , das Reden und am 22. Der Film im Dom (Parsifal)

Rotterdam / Mail

please i want 5 times the most beautiful film ever made DIE NACHT.YOU send me a lot of films 2 years ago for the festival in rotterdam.I try to survive as film shop [inpossible].Please send me the films with 35% discount. Very soon they are going to show some wagner in the opera building. Send me what you want and i pay them when i sold it.DO what you think if you trust me [i have my shop now for 32 years. BUT it is very hard to survive. BUT you really have to send me 5 times die nacht because I say it is the best film ever made and sometimes after 32 years of filmshop ,they belief me,!

Stockholm / mail

I´m pleased to hear that you have now received my book - and was
excited to see your montage of pages over the beautiful landscape
The exhibition plan for Die dritte Romantk has a lot of parallells to
both ideas and artists that also make part of my book, so I get quite
curious about where it is shown (or supposed to be shown). Is it
somewhere in Berlin? If it´s possible I would like to see the
exhibition, not least your installation in one of the rooms. I
remember very strongly your basement installation at Documenta 1982 -
one of the most impressive "artworks" in the whole of that show, I
So please, can you tell me when and where this "dritte Romantik" will
take place?

Mit freundliche Grüsse!
Douglas Feuk

macht doch bitte die Zäune zumindest vorne wieder weg und die Tore auf . Vor 8 Jahren war noch alles frei. Und die Kinder weisen den Weg. Lasst sie uns spielend sagen wie.