Dear Mr. Konieczny,

Since some time I was pursuing the project of Hans Jürgen Nossendorf Syberberg, whose works on the collections include the National Gallery. As head of a museum, I would like to offer you my unreserved sympathy with an express company, which is apparently only in a small forgotten village in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern plays, but the further it progresses, spreading model, what we as humans seem to be difficult to learn understand, namely the healing of our wounds. A small path, and abandoned safely redirected, the quiet of his former function without any resistance robbed. Only when someone pointed the finger and pointed to the deep significance of this journey for the soul of the village, its loss even those aware that it does not take place without any resistance, abandoned. The road plays an exemplary role for the retrieval of old beauty, for the question about living with and not against nature and how it will look. A life in the consciousness of its own history and the former spiritual bond. Although the church no longer serves as Pfarrstelle, she is still the supremacy of the shape next to the graves, the old center, in the generations for the success of the next harvest, for the happiness of a newborn child, the salvation of the deceased or a marriage young couple prayed. How many may have gone the way of doing this be? You should not share the path to a democratic act herunterhandeln. Many of the voices that never could imagine that this road will ever be abandoned, you can no longer be reported. History has already voted. Its majority is overwhelming. Go into the village and look for the interview. Speak to a member of the Left about history, about tradition, about the dangers of spiritual impoverishment. Do you support this unique work of art by Hans Jürgen Syberberg to the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern well due. Nossendorf is already the world for many a sign of hope. It is not about punishment, not knowing arrogance better one, although born and raised here, brought back late from the West. It's about a return to something that has always meant the future, sensitive, balanced consideration of the past.

Yours sincerely,

Eugen Blume

Den nächsten Weg markierend.Vom Haus zum Platz am früheren Graben aus Eiszeiten, mit Rosen demnächst. Zu gehen auch ihn. Wie unter den Apfelbäumen der letzten Woche.

Montag, den 30. März

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aktualisiert 11:20 h

Lange durch die letzten Jahre überlegtend, ob die neuen Wiesen wieder zu durchschneiden erlaubt sei. Und wenn, ob gerade und direkt oder wie früher nach dem Plan der Erinnerung in Kreisen. Nun ging ich einfach los, versuchte die mir wichtige Christata zu berühren und hinüber zu schauen und die kleinen Brettchen über die Abwasserkanäle zu erreichen. Und sieh da, am Ende folgt der Weg dann flog den alten Kurven und kommt doch unten an und kehrt so wieder wie früher zurück.
Erst die Wege gestalten das Gelände, den Raum, von Baum zu Baum und laden ein zu denken, als ob wir schrieben und lesen ins Gehen.