Sonnabend, den 15.März
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Of course they dont want it, call it consumer-freedom, occupied everything, history and ground-feelds around and in us, tried to kill it, but for a certain moment and place hidden to find, we could do it, and it was like nothing else. With the help of our possibilities of our time. Mental and technically
Das Ziummer des Kindes aus der Nacht in der Projektion der Wiener Kunsthalle zur Zeit
Das Damenzimmer vor der Öffnung der Fenster
bis 1945

yes I was always agaist the establishment. Leaving the DDR, after having documented the Faust of/with brecht against the SED, saving the Romy against her selfe and the TV, even the Kortner, they did not want, fighting the films through and the theatres against all, can You imagine this Hitler, never shown in the TV, the monologs after midnight, guilty that we did it, and the books against medias and lies. Now back at the place where I came from, against those who did not want, leaving the establishment of the cultural situation in the towns, free in the Internet, after having documented our statements,when we are free, with little possibilities, nearly no money, comparing the others. But free. And we can see, what it could be, if we would be free all. So they come to see it here.

Yes only a little room of the childhood, but what does it mean, if we see it again, free whith windows and sun. As we were.