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Mittwoch, den 14.Mai

Probleme/problems Panasonic nach/after
6 Monaten Gebrauch/6 month using without guarantee by P.

ohne Regress von P.

all pictures following are made with canon /ixus no problems used in the same way


Mr J. Kitagawa
Winsbergerring 15
22525 Hamburg



Munich, 23 April
Dear Mr. Kitagawa, instead of a Leica D 3 lux I bought on the recommendation of my wholesale dealer in Munich spelt the Panasonic DMC-FX30. After less than half a year, there were defects. When I protested, the company Geissler (contract company Panasonic) 180 euros or disposal. Although I photograph for 50 years, with many different brands, mainly with Leica, and, most recently with the comparable Canon IXUS, I have never happened. In the event that Panasonic insists the camera properly, but I will Leica D Lux 3 buy, but to my website, whose daily notes I use this camera (3000 visitors daily), this change must be made.

With friendly greetings

alle Bilder unten jetzt von Ixus Canon, aus gleicher Tasche getragen:


morgen mehr zu Panasonic
im Gebrauch

tomorrow more abaut Panasinic after 6 month using

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contunuation tomorrow
Fortsetzung morgen