Milos Stehlik von facets: I think it’s going after all the duplicator traumas, it is going pretty well…an interesting thing is that on, OH is higher-rated by consumers than Berlin Alexanderplatz, which was also released this autumn. Here are 2 audience reviews from the amazon website:
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Sonnabend, den 22.Dezember
Hitler, a Film from Germany is on another scale from anything one has seen on film. It is work that demands a special kind of attention and partisanship; and invites being reflected upon, reseen. ... Syberberg's film belongs in the category of noble masterpieces which ask for fealty and can compel it. After seeing Hitler, a Film from Germany, there is Syberberg's film - and then there are the other films one admires. (Not too many these days, alas.)"
And even fewer these days. But it's unlikely that Hitler could win the devotion today that it received on its release. You had to be there —in the theater, submitting to an all-day immersion in Syberbergonomics. That way, Hitler could command you to follow its pace, its labyrinthine arguments and artistic strategies. Watching it on a TV screen, able to hit the Fast Forward or Stop button as your attention wanes, you are the director, the Fuehrer. Still, the cumulative experience —less than half the length of its TV-movie contemporary, Fassbinder's Berlin Alexanderplatz —is enthralling enough to invest in. Since the film is also viewable atSubterreanean Cinema, you're welcome to look at chunks there. If you're tantalized, then be a good consumer and buy the Facets video.