Mit Hilfe vom Drehbuch auf Englisch (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Inc., 1982)
Hitler, a Film from Germany
Part 1  The Grail

1 And if I had here in one hand…
2 I think of Germany in the night…
3 Credits
4 When the good old democracy…
5 It was in the good old days of the democratic 20th century…
6 Ladies and gentlemen, today we are going to hear about the man whose fault it all is…
7 Once again.  But how…
8 During the last war, when the great Karl Valentin…
9 Sequence of performers
10 So let’s give him and ourselves a chance…
11 But I can’t help it
12 Sometimes he even believed that his will power was switched off…
13 Everyone’s a scoundrel, so am I…
14 …at the entrance to the hell around us…
15 End of Part 1
Part 2  A German Dream

1 Beginning
2 Title
3 And in us…
4 Presentation of people, performers
5 Sometimes I think, what if my name were Ellerkamp, the film projectionist for the Führer…
6 Just imagine a gathering…
7 Germany must wipe out the stain of Versailles…
8 The earthly, Christian calendar is incorrect…
9 I come from a room in which I had never been before...
10 Imagine a baroque castle…
11 Power does not interest me… (Max Weber)
12 …through the unending depth of the cosmos…
13 We want to celebrate the love of danger (Futurist Manifesto)
14 Here the spiritual sword was forged with which we won our victory…
15 The age must be fulfilled…
16 We live at a critical point in time…
17 Let us recall the great figures…
18 On July 2nd, 1934, I was greeted…
19 Christmas Eve radio broadcast “Silent Night” 12/24/1942
20 Astronomers at the University of California…
21 End of Part 2
Part 3  The End of a Winter’s Tal
1 Germany will not be lost
2 Title
3 The Grand Inquisitor of the German Reich
4 …never speak about these things
5 Himmler voice-over
6 The train arrived…
7 The diesel doesn’t start up…
8 I can tell you, it is dreadful and horrible for a German person
9 The era of Adolf Hitler…
10 Himmler/masseur
11 Wewelsburg
12 SS group in baroque chamber
13 The city of Aachen no longer exists…
14 The dead are more powerful armies
15 Walls are beautiful…
16 I don’t want to go on…
17 End of Part 3
Part 4  We children of Hell
I declare and proclaim to the world and to posterity…
1 Title
2 In a German landscape (Caspar David Friedrich):  Imagine a conversation
3 8mm home movies from Germany:  when little Henriette Hoffmann, later Frau Schirach…
4 Folk festival:  it is fear of the great temptor of democracy
5 Vienna 1938:  They are unfit for eating, living, fun.  In the war, they were known as the Fritzes.
6 Party rally in the provinces:  It was around this time…
7 Home movies from Obersalzberg:  And this had to be sacrificed—loyalty to the old fairytale…
8 Buchenwald:  In Thuringia, where the Buchenwald concentration camp…
9 Hitler visits the front lines:  When Versailles prohibited us from using the old munition depots…
10 Berlin:  He fulfilled it.  East and West face one another…
11 Private footage of barracks:  And in May 1945…
12 The war in Russia:  And in the street, the old man pulling a small wagon…
13 Berlin 1945:  And imagine old Henriette, today…
14 Hitler as the final perfecter of European history…
15 Air raid radio announcement:  Attention, attention, we are bringing you the following bulletin.  The enemy figher squadrons reported…
16 Just once more
17 Obersalzberg today:  Memories, relics
18 Victory celebration:  and now our main attraction, our saddest show, big business…
19 Let me talk about lost life
20 After the journey into this world…
21 It is the black mother of our imagination
22 Descend O Night of Love
23 Joy, beautiful spark of the gods…
24 End of Part 4
Tagebuch 5 April:
Margarethe Krieger.  Solch ein grausames und trauriges Schicksal.  Ich verstehe nicht die Gründe.  “Wir Kinder der Hölle”, gewiss.
Beste Wünsche,
Michael R Strom

Sonnabend, den 8.April

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Ludwig, Requium for a Virgin King
Title 1
The Curse  2
A curse also on the descendents  2a?
How Baron Hirschberg falls in disgrace  3
A new look by court hairdresser Hoppe  4
The king loves Varicourt and is crestfallen  5
We go play games with Prince Thurn und Taxis  6                                           
Audience with the king  7
Munich, I hate this city  7a
The bastard Count Holnstein sings the traitor’s song  8
Legends  9
The first time I have seen him in the middle of the night  (vor 10)
PHOBIAS:  The farmer's wife Anna Vogel told  10
Why a woman ought not to have an affair  11
Battistella  12
His death sentence is presented for the king’s signature  13
I cannot bear it any longer  13a
Sometimes, if I read myself to exhaustion  14
Descend, O night of love  15
The young king is an adorable acquaintance  16
To Richard Wagner—I want to carry you high above the troubles of the world  17
Descend, O night of love 2  17a
Elizabeth, the empress of Austria, prays for Ludwig  18
Minister von der Pfordten before Ludwig I  19
The most cheerful existence is in art.  That is from Brecht or from Goethe.  20             
A Sun King from Bavaria.  The Virgin King.  21
Dinner for four, or a hunt is a hunt  22
Wax museum  23
I want to withdraw myself from the cursed twilight of hell which wants to pull me into its atmosphere  24a
Instructions for the fabrication of a sleigh  24b
Ludwig in the studio of the sculptor Elizabeth Ney  25
Brother Otto and the madhouse warden Professor Gudden  26
They will declare you mad and make me king  26a   
Part 2  I was once upon a time…  1
Nightmare of a dreamking  2
I, Karl May, just now learned…  3
Why don’t you release me at last?  4
Not until Bayreuth  5
Madame Bulyowki remembers  6
More with Madame Bulyowki…  7
Thus art becomes the service and the artist the priest  8
As two historical photos of Ludwig and Kainz develop  9
We are the conscience of the people  10
Wagner is dead.  To drown, to sink--unconscious--supreme bliss  11
In Munich, a newspaper editor was sentenced to six months in prison because he wrote that the king was insane.  12
Prayer of a dreamking  13
I swear and pledge…that the small bed will not be used…  14
Hands no more down there…hugs without kisses  15
Unconscious--supreme bliss  16
The king slaughter  17
While a Götterdämmerung arose, people began to laugh and hiss…  18
The king is dead.  Long live the prince regent  19
Once again, the lackey Mayr:  What would be we without him?  20
The end of a dreamking  21
Delusion-sense…yearning-addiction…home-sickness  22
Rest in peace  23
**Teil I, vor 10:  der ursprüngliche Text:  “Das erste mal hob i ehm in der Mitten von der Nacht gsegn (vor 10)”—hab ich ihm gesehen?
**Teil 1, 26a:  Otto von Ludwig sprechen, ja?
**Teil 2, 14:  ursprüngliches Sinn?:  ‘Ich benutze nicht das kleine Bett’?
**Teil 2, 22: Ich versuchte, die einzelnen Nomina zu übersetzen
Ich hab Kapitelzahlen für Teil 2 angehängt
Tagebuch 1 April:
Ja, jeden Tag is Scherztag über dieses Thema.  Spiegel-online (Englisch) hat oftmals eine unzuverlässige Murdoch-Boulevardzeitungqualität.
Tagebuch 31 März:
Diese sind Margarethe Krieger Zeichnungen (Vorschlaganfall)?  Einen ziemlich unterschiedliche Stil.
Michael R Strom