Donnetsrag, den 23 . November

Tag der Bäume
how many may come through
in this rottencountry

and if it was only therefore, that this could came back, it was good done. Inspite of all and does not matter how long. They may say : it was him who did it, with the help of others and those who did not.
no-where it looks like this

10 days away

we will not hasitate to recultivate this part too

as is it
and our own. To all the deadly attacks that will not vin. All that was is is inspite of it. Sometime we could hire them. Like the devil himselfe. From time to time it fits. To get him in. For the good. Bad than it has to separate. And fight again. We are in the war. The time and its machine are on his part. And he knows. No criminality is so good, as the laws and court in the hand of the square and mob. But my possibilitis are final too. Not for them.