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The Bergman Foundation
The donation
In autumn 1998, Maaret Koskinen, a lecturer at the Swedish Film Research Institute at Stockholm University, received a telephone call from Ingmar Bergman inviting her to visit the archives at his home on the island of Fårö. On arrival, she encountered a truly remarkable amount of material. She immediately informed Åse Kleveland, Director General of the Swedish Film Institute, of her discovery. Ms Kleveland got in touch with Bergman and presented him with a plan for the preservation and administration of this unique collection. As a result, Ingmar Bergman has donated his archive to the Swedish Film Institute to be administered by an independent foundation. In March 2002, 45 packing cases containing manuscripts, notebooks, plot summaries, sketches and photographs arrived in Stockholm.

The collections

The Swedish Film Institute has now begun the mammoth task of cataloguing the collections. The material, which is being stored at Filmhuset in Stockholm, will be supplemented in September by all the material Bergman collected in his office at the Royal Swedish Dramatic Theatre over a period of 40 years. The collection also contains behind the scenes films relating to 18 of his films including The Seventh Seal, Wild Strawberries and Scenes from a Marriage, material which Bergman himself has offered to annotate and edit

In order to make the material accessible for researchers around the world and, to a certain extent, the general public, a Bergman Database will be established covering all available material.

The Foundation
The Ingmar Bergman Foundation was set up during autumn 2002 by the Swedish Film Institute in conjunction with the Royal Swedish Dramatic Theatre, Sveriges Television and AB Svensk Filmindustri. The objective is to administer, preserve and provide information about Ingmar Bergman’s collected artistic works. The Foundation will also aim to promote interest in, and awareness of, Sweden as a nation of culture and film. It will ensure that Ingmar Bergman’s work is comprehensively documented and properly managed, and that material relating to his life and artistic works is made available for research, exhibition and documentary purposes.

Bergman’s unique position
Ingmar Bergman occupies a unique position in Swedish and international film. His collected works, which span more than half a century, include film and theatre productions, TV and radio dramas, documentaries and literature. This unique heritage is of interest to the worlds of culture, education and research, and to the general public.

Åse Kleveland comments:
“With his vast knowledge and commitment, nobody has made a greater contribution to the preservation of Sweden's film heritage than Ingmar Bergman. Many of our foremost actors, cameramen, stage designers and producers have gone on to enjoy international careers thanks to their work with Ingmar Bergman. For these reasons, his life and work occupy a major place in the history of Swedish film in the 20th century.”
More to follow
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