Wenn man bedenkt, wenn nun statt des augenblicklichen Präsidenten in Russland, jener General Lebed, der Friedensmann nach dem ersten Krieg in Tschetenien und in Moldavien, Präsident wäre. Den sie im Westen nicht wollten und wie er auf mysteriöse Weise zu Tode gekommen ist.

Und wie es kommen konnte, dass der augenblickliche Präsident der USA von denen stammt, die noch vor einiger Zeit den eigenen Präsidenten der Vereinigten Staaten von A. an den Abrund der Schande trieben, des Landes, nur um an die Macht zu kommen, in einer Demokratie mit 40% Wählerbeteiligung. Als Führungsmacht der Welt.

Und, dass der jetzige Führer von Israel von denen stammt, die die Ermordung des eigenen und einzigen Friedenstifter der letzten Zeit betrieben und das mit Mehrheit nun gewollt.

Dann mag Gottes-Furcht grösser sein als -Liebe, die dem Kind einst gelehrt und gepriesene.

Russia targets Chechen refugee camps
Russian troops stand alert and ready to go on the offensive.
Dozens of them are building a new base at the gates of the Slipsovsk refugee camp.
It is just a small part of Russia's military crackdown along the border and right across Chechnya after last week's seizing of a Moscow theatre by armed Chechens and the subsequent deaths of more than 100 of their hostages during a rescue mission.
Inside the camp, the thousands of refugees whose homes have been destroyed by years of conflict are apprehensive.
They expect the Russians to enter their tent city soon, carrying out mass arrests - detaining sons and husbands suspected of supporting the Moscow hostagetakers, and their demands for an independent Chechnya.
In one tent, I found Suleiman Azanaurov and his family waiting for the inevitable Russian revenge.
Suleiman has been in the camp for the past three years. His house, and the cafe he used to run in the Chechen capital, Grozny, were blown up during the Russian assault on the city.
Aid handouts
Now, home is a tent shared with his wife and six children aged between eight months and 17 years old.
It is a squalid existence, reliant on handouts of aid and charity.
Suleiman is angry. He dismisses accusations that the Chechens who went to Moscow are terrorists - as far as he's concerned, they were heroes.
He tells me they were fighting for Chechnya's independence, drawing attention to a cause the world prefers to ignore.
Suleiman says he has no doubts that they did the right thing, even though more than 100 of their hostages died during an operation to rescue them:
«These people had no other option. They carried out this extreme act because we can't stand this war anymore.
«Today, in Chechnya, the whole nation is being exterminated. Even Nazi Germany didn't act so badly. We have nothing to lose»
Montag, den 4. November
By Jonathan Charles, BBC NEWS
By Jonathan Charles, BBC NEWS
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